Artist, illustrator, author, wife and mother of three boys

A bit about Kate…

Kate is an accomplished and highly skilled artist in various media including graphic design, painting, illustration, photography and digital media. She loves creating texts of a whimsical and imaginative matter and enjoys developing rhyming riddles. With these skills and her high level of attention to detail she lets her quirky and eccentric imagination explode into illustrative picture books and wallpaper.

After moving from Canberra to Sydney to complete a Bachelor Degree of Design, Kate commenced work as a Textile Designer.  Marriage and three young boys encouraged her to use her love of surrealism, art and pattern making to create wallpaper environments with imaginative characters her boys could explore.  Exploring those wallpapers with her children and making up creative rhymes and stories led Kate to see the potential for this to become a fun fantasy picture book that other children could enjoy… hence an author was born!

Kate’s creative take on picture books encourages good listening skills whilst allowing the child to join in by exploring her illustrations and story tell for themselves!

My picture books are designed to encourage storytelling, creative thinking and imaginative exploration of illustrations. By allowing children to experiment with my fantasy world they can take a hypothetical situation and make connections between a fictional scenario and their own social reality.  Using fantasy to encourage children to broaden their imagination through storytelling has the potential to develop richer vocabulary than they might encounter in realistic situations. It can also stimulate curiosity and enhance communication skills. All of these are important skills in developing children’s self-confidence and social ability.’ – Kate Succar

2010-2013    Bachelor of Design
College of Fine Arts UNSW, Sydney
Major studies in Textiles and Graphic Design